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Ocean Shores
Community Club

A Private Non-Profit Recreational Organization




Ocean Shores Community Club

will be closing at 5:00 PM on

Memorial Day to provide staff time to

celebrate with family and friends.

Memorial Day Holiday Hours are

6:00 AM to 5:00 PM.

Monday-Friday   6 am - 8 pm

Saturday   8 am - 8 pm

Sunday   8 am - 5 pm

Pool & Hot Tub close 1/2 hour earlier than the building.



This is the Club's main facility.  The clubhouse is equipped with an indoor heated swimming pool, changing rooms with lockers, showers and restrooms, two saunas, hot tub, indoor basketball gymnasium, fitness center, reading room, meeting room, game room and cafe.  The facility also has a spacious outdoor deck, playground area and a 9-hole disc golf course. 

1016 Catala Ave. SE


To promote the health and well being of all community members in a supportive and caring environment.  Provide recreational facilities and parks for members to experience the beauty, the warmth, the sense of community of  Ocean Shores while creating

a lifetime of memories with friends and family.



                 Club Properties

bill ellis2.jpg

Bill Ellis Park

698 Mt. Olympus Ave. SE

Open Cabana, Dock, Playground, Restrooms

kenp pool.jpg

Cabana Pool

900 Torrisdale Ave. SW

Outdoor Pool (Summer Only), Changing Rooms with Showers, Perkins Pond

kp pool2.jpg

Ken Peterson Park

152 Ocean Shores Blvd.

Outdoor Pool (Summer Only),

Changing Rooms with Showers, Restrooms, Basketball Court, Tennis Courts, Playground

skookumchuck park.jpg

Skookumchuck Park

Skookumchuck St. SE

Canal View & Kayak Dock

damon park2.jpg

Damon Park

485 Volans Ave. SW

Basketball Court, Open Cabana, Bocce Courts & Pickle Ball Courts, Playground, Restrooms


Bayshore Clubhouse

1016 Catala Ave SE

Indoor Pool, Hot Tub., Saunas, Indoor Basketball Court, Fitness Room, Game Room, Meeting Room, Reading Room, Playground, 9-Hole Disc Golf Course, Playground, Offices, Cafe

All of our current group activities are member guided and included with membership.

Aqua Dance Party

Get your groove on and try a new form of exercise with the performance of aerobic dance in shallow water.  An excellent workout for your heart and muscles.


Badminton Group

The aim of badminton is to hit the shuttle with your racket so that it passes over the net and lands inside of your opponent's half of the court.  Whenever you do this, you have won the rally; win enough rallies, and you win the match.  The badminton group plays in the gym.

Shuttlecock on Racket

Basic Yoga

Yoga derived from the Sanskrit word "yuji" meaning yoke or union. Yoga is an ancient practice that brings together mind and body, It incorporates breathing exercises, mediation and poses designed to encourage relaxation and reduce stress.

Book Club

This group meets in the Cafe to discuss their current book choice. New members and

title suggestions are welcome.

Senior Book Club
Playing cards

Bunco Group

Players attempt to roll specific numbers on the dice depending on the round. The Bunco Group meets in the Cafe.

Bridge Group

Bridge is a partnership game requiring four players. Each player sits opposite his partner at a card table. Bridge is played with a standard deck of 52 playing cards. The Bridge Group plays in the Cafe.

Image by Edge2Edge Media
chair yoga.jpg

Chair Yoga

Chair yoga is a specific form of yoga as therapy developed by Lakshmi Voelker in1982, practiced sitting on a chair, or standing using a chair for support. The poses are often adaptions of asanas in modern

yoga as exercise.

Cribbage Group

Cribbage is a card game for two players that can be played by three or four, in which the object is to form various

combinations that count for points:

the score is traditionally kept by moving

pegs on a small board. The Cribbage Group plays in the Cafe.


Hand & Foot Group

Hand & Foot is a popular variation from the rummy type game of Canasta. It can be described as a simpler, easier version of Canasta for beginners. Hand & Foot uses about 5 or 6 decks of standard playing cards and is played with 2-6 players. The objective of Hand and Foot is to be the first to get rid of all of your cards and for your

team to have the most points.

Knit One, Crochet Two

The Knit One, Crochet Two Group meets in the meeting room to work on their individual projects and provide assistance and encouragement for each other.

Knitting Needles
Line Dance.jpg

A line dance is a choreographed dance in which a group of people dance along to a repeating sequence of steps while arranged in one or more lines or rows. These lines usually face all in the same direction, or less commonly face each other. Unlike circle dancing, line dancers are not in physical contact with each other. Each dance is usually associated with, and named for, a specific song, such as the Macarena or Electric Slide are a few of the line dances that have consistently remained part of modern American culture for years.

Line Dance Group

Origami Group

Origami is the art of paper folding, which is often associated with Japanese culture. It is a great chance to learn origami from Emiko. The Origami Group gets together in the Meeting Room.

Image by Carolina Garcia Tavizon
Image by Ben Hershey

Pickleball Group

Pickleball is a paddle sport that combines elements of badminton, tennis, and table tennis. Two or four players use solid paddles made of wood or composite materials to hit a perforated polymer ball, similar to a Waffle Ball, over a net. The Pickleball Group plays at Damon Park if the weather is nice. If it is raining, they play in the gym at Bayshore Clubhouse.

Pinochle Group

Pinochle is a card game played with a unique deck of only 48 cards, which contains two of each suit of the Nines, Tens, Jackes, Queens, Kings, and Aces, there are no 2 through 8 rank cards. There are two Pinochle Groups, one plays in the Cafe. The second group plays in the Meeting Room.

Image by Jenny Marvin


Shuffleboard is a game in which players use cues to push weighted discs sending them gliding down a narrow court, with the purpose of having them come to rest within a marked scoring area.

Slow Jam

This is an informal group of musicians who meet to jam and sing. The Slow Jam Group gathers in the Meeting Room.

Image by John Matychuk

Table Tennis Group

Ping Pong Table

Also known as ping-pong and whiff-whaff, is a sport in which two or four players hit a lightweight ball, also known as the ping-pong ball, back and forth across a table using small rackets. The game takes place on a hard table divided by a net. Except for the initial serve, the rules are generally as follows: players must allow a ball played toward them to bounce one time on their side of the table and must return it so that it bounces on the opposite side at least once. A point is scored when a player fails to return the ball within the rules. Play is fast and demands quick reactions. Spinning the ball alters its trajectory and limits an opponent's options, giving the hitter a great advantage.

Tai Chi

This is an Eastern traditional exercise that consists of breathing, meditation and relaxation training. The Tai Chi Group meets in the Gym.

Tai Chi Practice Outdoors

This is a low impact aerobic exercise done

to popular video tapes designed with seniors in minds. The Senior Video Aerobics Group gathers in the

Meeting Room. 

Video Aerobics


Water Exercise Group

Water aerobics is a form of aerobic exercise that takes place in the water and is usually composed of a variety of exercises. Although almost anyone can participate in water aerobics, the sport is ideal for people with back pain, elderly people or people with delicate bone structures and those who would like to lose weight without putting too much strain on their bodies.

Aerobic Class in Pool
Image by hannah grace

Wave Writers

Wave Writers is a group of novice and experienced writers coming together to learn, share and provide feedback for one another and welcoming all types of genres.  Group members include several published authors of books and plays.

Yoga Group

Yoga is a group of physical, mental, and spiritual practices or disciplines which originated in ancient India and aim to control and still the mind, recognizing a detached witness-consciousness untouched by the mind and mundane suffering.

Senior Yoga


Ocean Shores Community Club



·MEMBER: The property owner(s) shown on the County Records as having a possessory interest in the property. Cards are issued upon receipt of dues payment.


  • IMMEDIATE FAMILY: Children living at home and any other person* permanently living at the primary residence of the member/property owner. Members can apply for Immediate Family cards.  Immediate Family members over age 18 must submit proof of residency with application. Cards issued will expire on the property membership anniversary month.


  • EXTENDED FAMILY: Grandparents, parents, sons/daughters over the age of 18 not living at home, their spouses and their children who are not property owners in Ocean Shores. Members can apply for Extended Family cards. Cards issued will expire on the property membership anniversary month.


  • GUESTS: All other persons who are not property owners in Ocean Shores.




  • MEMBER: No restrictions on admittance. Cards must be shown upon entry.


  • IMMEDIATE FAMILY: Children 12 and under must be accompanied/monitored by a responsible adult. Cards must be shown upon entry. Please refer to the Pool and Fitness Room for additional guidelines.


  • EXTENDED FAMILY: No restrictions for those who are pre-registered* at the Front Desk. Non-pre-registered EXTENDED FAMILY will be treated as guests. Cards must be shown upon entry.


  • GRANDCHILDREN: No restrictions age 13 or older for those who are pre-registered*. Grandchildren 12 and under must be accompanied/monitored by a responsible adult. Cards must be shown upon entry.


  • GUESTS: Must be accompanied by a MEMBER or IMMEDIATE FAMILY age 13 or older. A MEMBER or IMMEDIATE FAMILY must be present during the entire time their GUESTS use the facilities.


ANYONE under 12 and under must be accompanied/monitored by a responsible adult at all times.


*Member/Property Owner must complete and submit application form for this family member.




  • MEMBER or IMMEDIATE FAMILY: Annual dues payment. No additional fees are charged.


  • EXTENDED FAMILY:  $1.00 fee charged. Cards expire on the property membership anniversary month.


  • GRANDCHILDREN: Age 18 and under – No fee. Age 19 and older – $1.00 Fee charged. Cards expire on the property membership anniversary month.

  • ·GUESTS: $1.00 fee charged. Members can request a day pass for guests.



Monday – Friday: 6am – 8pm

Saturday:               8am – 8pm

Sunday:                 8am – 5pm    


Phone: 360-289-2433

Address: 1016 Catala Ave SE

Ocean Shores, WA 98569



·MEMBERS and IMMEDIATE FAMILY may bring in a maximum of two (2) guests per person per visit.

          EXTENDED FAMILY does not have guest privileges.

  • ALL MEMBERS, IMMEDIATE and EXTENDED FAMILY must physically show their applicable membership card upon entering any club facility.





  • Age 18 and above: No restrictions

  • Ages 16 & 17: A waiver must be submitted signed by the property owner member parent/legal guardian and the underage member and approved by the Club manager. The property owner member parent/legal guardian must accompany the underage member in the fitness center at all times. No exceptions to the above. 

  • Age 15 and under: Not permitted in the fitness center at any time.



  • Doors to the fitness center must be closed at all times.

  • Wipe down equipment after use (DO NOT wipe touchscreens).

  • Report any equipment malfunction to the receptionist.  

  • Proper clothing and footwear are required.



  • No pool toys allowed

  • No jumping/diving

  • Please shower before entering the pool

  • No food, chewing gum or drink

  • Children 12 and under must be accompanied/monitored by a responsible adult when using the pool

  • Children 12 and under are not permitted in the hot tub

  • No running or horseplay

  • No person with a communicable disease may use the pool

  • No person under the influence of alcohol or drugs may use the pool

  • Persons 13 to 17 years of age must be in groups of at least 2 at all time

  • Children 3 and under must wear swim diapers (available at the front desk)

  • Anyone refusing to obey these rules are subject to removal from the premises



  • Members and guests under age 16 are not permitted to use the sauna.

  • The buddy system is required for members age 16 and 17.

  • The maximum use of the sauna is recommended to be no longer than 30 minutes.

  • Members with questionable health issues should consult their personal physician before using the sauna.

A complete listing of the above rules is available at the front desk. 



Annual membership dues are payable during a member’s anniversary month (the month the member purchased property in Ocean Shores).


  • Refunds can be issued if a property is sold prior to the annual membership date.

  • Refunds must be requested within 90 days of the sale.  Requests must be submitted in writing to Ocean Shores Community Club via email or mailed to Ocean Shores Community Club, 1016 Catala Avenue SE, Ocean Shores, WA 98569.

  • For further information regarding refunds, please contact the Ocean Shores Community Club at (360) 289-2433.



  • Contact the Club office at (360) 289-2433 to obtain a replacement.


  • To update your mailing address, please call the Ocean Shores Community Club front desk at (360) 289-2433.


(Meetings Subject to Cancelation)

  • Meetings begin at 11:45 am

  • Please see calendar and/or website (OCEANSHORESCC.COM) for upcoming dates.

All members in good standing are invited to attend.


Date: June (Please see calendar and/or website (OCEANSHORESCC.COM) for upcoming dates.)

Location: Bayshore Clubhouse

     1016 Catala Avenue. SE, Ocean Shores, WA

  • All members in good standing are entitled to vote and attend the meeting.



  • Pet owners must leash and pick up after their pets.

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