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Why don't members who own more than one lot get more than one vote?

Historically, the Board of Trustees has maintained that if multiple lot owners had multiple

votes then real estate speculators would have an unfair advantage over members who 

owned only one parcel. The Board favors a policy of equal representation.

Why are there more non-resident board positions than resident board positions?

the Board of Trustees consists of nine (9) members. Of those, six (6) are non-residents members and three (3) are resident members. The combination is set to equally represent the Club's total membership.

If a member sells a lot after having already paid dues in full on that lot, can be member receive a refund for the balance of the dues payment?

Yes. The member needs to return to the Club's office, his/her membership card asking for a dues refund. The refund of dues issued is prorated.

How many guests can a member bring into the Club's facilities per visit?

A member can bring up to two (2) guests at a time.

How should a member notify the Club of a change of address?

Members may notify the Club's office by email at, by mail at Ocean Shores Community Club, 1016 Catala Ave. SE, Ocean Shores, WA 98569, or by phone at 360-289-2433.

Are members allowed to bring guests to Club sponsored events and activities?

Yes. Members may bring guest Club events, activities.

Can my spouse or domestic partner be issued a separate membership card?

Yes. At the time you receive your dues renewal notice, just note at the top portion of the statement that you would like two membership cards and include with your dues payment. You can also email, call or visit the Club's office to request an additional card.

Are the Club's facilities available to member and their guests for group recreational activities?

Yes. Members interested in scheduling a recreational activity, whether as a one-time activity or on a recurring basis, should contact the Club's office. Members will be requested to complete an application form. A monthly activities calendar is posted on the Club's website, printed in The Ocean Observer and is available at the front desk.

How do you define Member and Immediate Family? Who is eligible to receive a membership card?

A member is defined at the property owner(s) shown on the county records as having a possessory interest in the property. Immediate Family is defined as a member's spouse or domestic partner, children living at home and any other person permanently living at the primary residence of the member/property owner. The member, the member's spouse or domestic partner, children and other persons permanently living at the primary residence of the member/property owner age 13 and older are eligible to receive membership cards. 

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