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From the Desk
of the
General Manager

In March winter is holding back and Spring is pulling forward. Something holds and something pulls inside of us too.
                                                           ~ Jean Hersey


Dear Ocean Shores Community Club Members,

February left us with rain, wind and cold, but not freezing temperatures. March arrived like the lion we have come to know. We await the arrival of March’s lamb as we head into April. The seasonal change is normal and expected. Even more, it feeds our anticipation of what is to come, the amazing spring and summer weather we enjoy.

Change is part of our daily lives. Weather, technology, relationships, and nature are just a few of the changes we experience. The month of March reminds us how change is inevitable and essential for growth and future opportunity.

All Members Are Welcome

Changes continue at Ocean Shores Community Club. New groups are being added to our weekly activity schedule. Painting, repairs, and replacement activities are being performed by our maintenance team. Ocean Shores Community Club, like any organization, continues to evolve. Our goal is to ensure that our members feel part of a community and that our groups and offerings are enjoyed by our community.  We encourage all members, youth and adult to enjoy the facilities and group activities. Our pools, game room, gymnasium and loft are open to all ages. You may notice the only areas requiring age limits are the fitness room, sauna and the hot tub. These are due to liability and safety measures. Our groups and swim events are structured so that all members who can follow the activity guidelines can participate. Recently our Line Dancing group was enjoyed by some youthful participants adding to the fun and enjoyment.

Cafe Updates

Ocean Shores Community Club has conversed with several potential vendors for the café. We are actively continuing our pursuit to engage a new café vendor. Candidates with successfully demonstrated experience in the front and back end of restaurant operation are encouraged to contact the General Manager for more information. Currently our team is giving the café a fresh update to the kitchen area and it is looking great.

Club Updates

The fitness room weight equipment cushions are being repaired with new covering. We are also receiving recommendations for updated and new equipment. Cost, usage, and space will be factors reviewed when adding or replacing equipment. We thank everyone for their suggestions and kind feedback.

Several members have asked that we remind our fitness room users to check their shoes before entering the room. Dirt and water are being carried in from the outside on the bottom of shoes. Excess dirt and water can add to the wear and tear of the equipment. Thanks in advance for your attention to this matter.

New - Cardio Dance Class

Check out our newest group activity. Led by Linnea, a former dance student, you can get your groove and connect your mind, body and open up your soul! Learn cool moves from hip-hop and modern dance. Members of all ages and fitness levels are welcome and invited. Beginning April 1 from 6:00 PM to 7:00 PM learn new steps and dance to an upbeat sound. A great start to body positive and a fun end to moody Monday.

Lifeguards Wanted

Our lifeguard team is looking for new members to join the team. Lifeguards are critical to the enjoyment and safety of our outdoor pools. Individuals must be at least 15 years old and strong swimmers. Training is provided for interested candidates. Please contact Ocean Shores Community Club to find out more about this exciting and rewarding opportunity.  

A Step Back in Time

Ocean Shores Community Club has experienced some changes since 1983! Back in ‘the day’ group activities had additional fees. Members could join a six session aerobics class for $6.00. Today, our classes are led by volunteers and free to all members.

1983 also began the newest release of membership cards. Cards were sent via a post card to conserve funds. This practice continues today.


So, check out the Ocean Observer from March of 1983. Read more about Ocean Shores history and learn. Copies are available in our Loft for your enjoyment.


Closing thought:

Springtime is the land awakening.  The March winds are the morning yawn.

                                                       ~ Lewis Grizzard


General Manager

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